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toronto vegan jawns

i’m new to the game up here. there’s so much great¬†food. but i will definitely keep a list of all my amazing vegan finds here:

hogtown vegan: the cheesesteak is good, but the unchicken and waffles is fantastic

disgraceland: all sorts of comfort food and a vegan cheesesteak

porterhouse: bbq jackfruit sandwich. this place rules CLOSED

through being cool: besides the donuts and baked goods, the widowmaker sandwich is one of my current favorites up here — they sometimes have a cheesesteak on special

doug’s public kitchen: this brunch is insane. he makes his own vegan egg yolk. it’s definitely worth the trip north.

grasshopper: my favorite vegan chick’n and waffles in toronto (they’re becoming a thing now)

the beet: bbq tempeh wrap

bunners: cinnamon rolls and soft serve(kensington location), savory pastry pockets

buddha’s: everything

doomies: they’re famous for their vegan big mac, but they’ve got a cheesesteak too

cantina in the junction: vegan burrito, wet and plated.

cosmic treats: love their lasagna and sundaes

And the best vegan cheesesteak in Philly is…

Read the rest of the details here:


I was truly honored to be chosen as a judge in this contest. All the sandwiches(and burrito) were amazing and I think Philly vegans would be incredibly lucky if those were our only choices. However, there are a lot of other amazing vegan cheesesteaks out there that barely got voted for because they just don’t have the social media muscle. So get out there and try them all. Maybe next year we can see if Blackbird is able to defend their championship against a newly discovered favorite.