updated 7.24.15

tofu and tempeh scrambles make me very happy.
here is my list so far:

black & brew
1523 e. passyunk

cantina dos segundos
931 n. 2nd
often on special and worth mentioning because when it is available it’s one of my favorites.

devil’s den (seems like they got rid of it)
11th and ellsworth

15 s. 3rd st.

green eggs cafe
1306 dickinson st.
719 n. 2nd
212 s. 13th

gunners run
1001 n. 2nd

honey’s sit-n-eat
800 n. 4th st
2101 south st.

ida mae’s bruncherie
2302 e. norris st.

khyber pass pub
56 s. 2nd st.

local 44
4333 spruce st.

lucky 13
1820 s. 13th

memphis taproom
2331 e cumberland st
“the vegan rooster”

mi lah (they moved to the burbs)
218 s. 16th

morning glory diner
735 s. 10th

le pain quotidien(no longer on the menu)
1425 walnut st.

ori feibush real estate coffee house
2100 fairmount

royal tavern
937 e. passyunk

sabrina’s cafe
910 christian st.
1804 callowhill
34th and powelton

sidecar cafe
2201 christian st.

216 s. 11th

vegan commissary (closed)
1703 s. 11th st.