And the best vegan cheesesteak in Philly is…

Read the rest of the details here:

I was truly honored to be chosen as a judge in this contest. All the sandwiches(and burrito) were amazing and I think Philly vegans would be incredibly lucky if those were our only choices. However, there are a lot of other amazing vegan cheesesteaks out there that barely got voted for because they just don’t have the social media muscle. So get out there and try them all. Maybe next year we can see if Blackbird is able to defend their championship against a newly discovered favorite.



  1. mark

    They must have made a different cheesestake then they normally do..I love black bird pizzas pizza there great.. but there cheesestakes are full of oil way to salty and completely disgusting..if u want a great veggie cheesestake go to sketch…in all hosenty I think black bird cheesetakes are so nasty I still want money back from a year ago lol..

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